Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

JUNKERS Ju 52/3m (Zvezda - 1/200 - Injected) by Jiri Fiala

I've managed it! I just have completed one of my Christmas modeller's presents. As I wanted to be ready with it in time, it means to the end of 2011, (because I hate debts to the New Year, don't I?), so I took the smallest and the easiest one, the Junkers Ju-53/3m in 1/200 by Zvezda. It's a snap-together kit, originally intended for a strategic table game, but I was quite stroken by the cleanliness and accuracy of the parts. Practically no flash at all, the only bigger fault is a little bit lower tailfin and rudder. I had to schratch build the struts under the tailplane and a typical pitot tube. Of course, many things can be rebuilt, but the question is why. This is exactly what I want to do during Christmas days. Even the scale is OK for me, now "my Li-2 has something to talk to at my shelf", to use Alex's words from Airliner Café. And there is also a Tu-154 at the same shelf, and soon comes the DC-3, all in 1/200. 


P1250142.jpg image by Jiri Fiala     P1250147.jpg image by Jiri Fiala     P1250159.jpg image by Jiri Fiala

P1250161.jpg image by Jiri Fiala     P1250170.jpg image by Jiri Fiala     P1250174.jpg image by Jiri Fiala