Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

FAUVEL AV.36 (Dujin -1/72 - Resin) by Sylvain Texier

The Fauvel AV.36 was a single-seat tailless glider designed in France in the 1950s by Charles Fauvel. Although the "AV" in AV.36 stands for Aile Volante (Flying Wing), it was not a true flying wing: it featured two large fins mounted on stubby tailbooms extending back from the wing's trailing edge, and accommodated the pilot within a stubby fuselage. The aircraft was designed to be quickly disassembled for road transport, with the nose detaching, and the fins able to fold back against the trailing edge of the wing

F3.jpg image by Sylvain Texier    F4.jpg image 
by Sylvain Texier     F5.jpg image by Sylvain Texier

F1.jpg image by Sylvain Texier    F2.jpg image 
by Sylvain Texier     F9.jpg image by Sylvain Texier

F8.jpg image by Sylvain Texier