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BLERIOT-ZAPPATA 110 "JOSEPH LE BRIX" (1/72 - Scratchbuilt) by Shinichi Miwa

This aircraft was especially designed for long distance records. On 5 August 1933, it set a straight line distance record of 90105 Km (6587 Miles) from New York to Rayak, Syria, with Paul Codos and Maurice Rossi. The aircraft was named "Joseph Le Brix" in honor of the aviator who had perished while attempting another distance record with pilot Marcel Doret on the Dewoitine 33.

The model is scratchbuilt using a carved wooden block for the fuselage, and an old Airfix PBY Catalina converted wing. Homemade decals.

jlb7.jpg image by Shinichi Miwa     jlb6.jpg image by Jiri Fiala

jlbright.jpg image by Shinichi Miwa     jlbrightrear.jpg image by Shinichi Miwa

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