Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

BRISTOL 167 BRABAZON I (A model - 1/72 - Injected + Fiberglass) by Jim Lund

Pros: Sturdy fiberglass fuselage and wings. Loads of injected plastic details. Eight Bristol Centaurus radial engines and gear boxes, but they cannot be seen unless you glue open the top access doors - I opted not to install them. Cons: All joints need plenty of filler and the instructions are vague. (you must have a lot of photo references to assemble it, and I had them) This is a very expensive kit (over $500 U.S .) so that only 1/72 scale enthusiasts with deep pockets will buy it. I must admit that I am very pleased that Amodel had the courage to produce it, because I love the beast. Mike Herrill (Execuform) has a good vacform kit that sells for a fraction of the Amodel kit, but it has no decals or injected parts, so that the wheels, gear legs, props and everything else must be scratch built.


DSCN2299.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2300.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2301.jpg image by Jim Lund

DSCN2303.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2304.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2305.jpg image by Jim Lund

DSCN2306.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2307.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2298.jpg image by Jim Lund

DSCN2297.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2296.jpg image by Jim Lund