Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

CONTROL TOWER (Sankei - 1/144 - Paper card) by Alexandre Bigey

I'd like to share my Sankei 1/144 (sometimes reported as N gauge - 1/150 scale) Control Tower which I built in one afternoon with great fun. It is an all paper model (except clear rhodoid for windows) which I bought recently at the All Japan Hobby Show. I built it using several sorts of glues, including PVA glue, superglue, and epoxy. Although only PVA glue could be used, construction would then take much longer. I added the "C" on a yellow panel to hide some nasty glue leaks left at a corner.

This is a quick build, interesting, and realistic background item for model photography, even for 1/72 models. I added some Kato 1/144 railroad figures (also from Japan), and a couple of Noch HO figures for the 1/72 model besides (see the SNCAN Norecrin picture). Cheers!

DSCN8602.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     DSCN8603.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     DSCN8605.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey

DSCN8612.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     DSCN8614.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     DSCN8622.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey

DSCN8606.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     10147375b1.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey     DSCN8634.jpg image by Alexandre Bigey