Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

HUGHES D-2 (Lund/Herrill vac - 1/72 - Vacform) by Jim Lund

The ultra secret Howard Hughes project D-2. The Hughes D-2 was a private venture design for a high speed long range light bomber. constructed primarily in the wooden "Duramold" process. It had an all up weight in the 20-25,000 LB range. A design speed of 430 MPH. It was first test flown at The Harper Dry Lake Airfield, Lockhart, California (Mojave Desert, 40 miles from present day Edwards AFB.) The performance was disappointing, the foremost was control forces (ailerons and flaps) After only a few flights it was stored in the air conditioned hangar and was destroyed in a fire, reportedly by a lightning strike. Because Hughes had complete control of the project, he was able to destroy all the records and photographs. Only photos and drawings submitted to the US Army Air Force were available to historians. Only 2 photos of the completed aircraft survived, and they appear to have been taken in secret ( a reflex camera hidden inside a coat) These were on film, so they could not be altered without detection. 

Jim Lund teamed up with Mike Herrill and used drawings by Langston Hall and Dave Harris and material from the US Air Force museum. Mike carved the masters and made a vacuum formed styrene plastic copy and Jim built the 1/72 model and photographed it.

DSCN2321.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2323.jpg image by Jim Lund

DSCN2324.jpg image by Jim Lund     DSCN2326.jpg image by Jim Lund