Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

KALININ K-5 (1/48 - Scratchbuilt) by Alain Bourret

Here is my Kalinin K-5. The airplane has a dull finish (like most Soviet airplanes of this period) but wonderful elleptical wings. It represents the version powered by the infamous M-15 engine.  The photos were taken by Ron Gosselin some months ago. The photos showing the model during its construction were taken by my friend Gilles Boily. The fuselage was built by cutting parts in one of those old plastic publicity panels installed on busses and which was apparently torned away by the wind. The wings was made in wood by using an old shelf. The propeller was carved in a hard wood paint stirring stick. The engine is scratchbuilt; the cylinder heads were modified from an unidentified engine coming from my spare box. Wheel cover lacing was made in very fine copper wires winded inside a short length of electrical wire found along the street. The landing gear struts are filed nails and reshaped plastic Contrail struts. The interior is completely detailed including the toilet which has been the subject of many jokes... At the time the photos were taken, the ladder was not installed below the fuselage. 

Curiously, there has been two persons who asked me what was my photography "trick" to show the prop spinning!!!(?) Well, there is no "trick". I simply blew on my prop while taking the photos. The propeller has a long metal shaft (nail) and turns freely...


K2-1.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K7.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K11.jpg image by Alain Bourret

K1-1.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K3-1.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K4-1.jpg image by Alain Bourret

K5-1.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K6.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K8.jpg image by Alain Bourret

K9.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K10.jpg image by Alain Bourret     K12.jpg image by Alain Bourret