Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

LATECOERE 25.2R (1/48 - Scratchbuilt) by Alain Bourret

Among other specialties Alain is the Latecoere guru at the Wings of Peace Yahoo Group. He entirely scratchbuilt this masterpiece of art to offer a companion to his Latecoere 26.6 completed some years ago.

Although pictures of the only aircraft preserved in Argentina were used as reference material, this model is of an earlier version, chosen because of its primitive double-axle landing gears, barrel-shaped fuselage, bullet-shaped lower part of rudder and its incredibly twisted long exhaust pipe..

The fuselage is a carved piece of wood covered with Evergreen corrugated sheets which by luck are a near perfect match with the actual corrugation spacing (Alain has counted them). The rear fabric fuselage is made in flat styrene sheets (recycled advertising panels). The wings are a solid plastic sheet (a thick plastic plank found in the garbage of a store). The cowling is made from wood and covered with plastic. Note that the ugly "gap" at the base of the fin was actually like this on the real aircraft. Note also that the choosen airplane has an "extra" louver at the extreme rear of the cowling which is not the same size as the three other standard ones. It is not very aesthetic but was this way on the real aircraft too. Finally, the propeller has been made using the hard plastic of an old Aurora kit of the SPAD XIII C.1 because a propeller made in softer plastic risk to distord with the passage of time. Contrary to many French aircraft the propeller was turning "the other way". 

l1.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l2.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l3.jpg image by Alain Bourret

l4.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l5.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l6.jpg image by Alain Bourret

l7.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l8.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l9.jpg image by Alain Bourret

l10.jpg image by Alain Bourret     l11.jpg image by Alain Bourret