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MACCHI-CASTOLDI MC.72 (Delta - 1/72 - Injected) by Michel Leonardi

MC72.jpg picture by Michel Leonardi

Initially designed for the 1931 Schneider Trophy Air Races, the MC.72 wasn't ready in time due to development problems of its 3100 hp FIAT AS.6 engine, actually a tandem coupling of two FIAT AS.5 V12s, each block driving its own propeller. However this aircraft entered the hall of fame on 23 October 1933 by breaking the seaplanes world speed record at 709,209 km/h (440 mph), flown by pilot Francesco Agello. The MC.72 record still stands today as the world's fastest propeller driven seaplane.

MC72_2.jpg image by Michel Leonardi     MC72_1.jpg image by Michel Leonardi