Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

RENARD R.37 (Dujin - 1/72 - Resin) by Frederic Schaeffer

From 1936 to 1940, Belgian designer Alfred Renard produced 3 fighter protoypes with a same airframe, but with 3 different powerplants: Renard R.36 with Hispano-Suiza engine, R.37 with Gnome & Rhone engine, and R.38 with RR Merlin engine. The R.37 was seized by the German troops during the May 1940 invasion.

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fini1.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer     fini2.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer     fini3.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer

fini4.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer     fini5.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer     fini6.jpg image by Frederic Schaeffer