Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

SAVOIA-MARCHETTI S.73 (Converted Supermodel - 1/72 - Injected) by Peter Ibes

S73OOAGL.jpg picture by alexbigey

This conversion from the Supermodel SM.81 kit into a SABENA S.73 consisted in the following operations:

-New windows and ribbing were added to the fuselage and tail surfaces

-Scratchbuilt interior

-Turret aperture obstructed

-Undercarriage modified

-Oil cooler intakes added to cowlings

-Gnome & Rhone K14 engines from Engines & Things

-Decals from Tauro sheet 72/529 and custom items printed by Black Lion Decals

001-1.jpg image by Peter Ibes     002-1.jpg image by Peter Ibes     003-1.jpg image by Peter Ibes

004.jpg image by Peter Ibes     005-1.jpg image by Peter Ibes     006-1.jpg image by Peter Ibes