Independent thinking and cultural diversity in scale modelling

SNCASO SO.M2 (1/72 - Scratchbuilt) by Gaetan Oddou

By the late 1940s, France's SNCASO launched an ambitious jet bomber project under the SO.4000 designation. In order to proceed step by step to explore the many unknown domain of its development, two 1/2 scale flying demonstrators were designed: The non powered SO.M1, and the RR Derwent powered SO.M2 which first flew on 13 April 1949.

The model represents the SO.M2 as displayed at the 1949 Salon before being fitted with its definitive canopy for flight tests. 

m63w.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m62gp.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m61c.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou

m60q.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m59.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m57k.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou

m56b.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m55p.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     m54.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou