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1/72 Curtiss T-32 Condor from the J&L vacuform kit

Warren J. Lund from San Jose, California, kindly sent me some pics of his models, a brief sample of his "Spirit of 72" museum collection of over 1000 civil and military aircraft models in 1/72 scale. Jim says that after he makes the Hugues Hercules (Spruce Goose), Curtiss NC-4, Keystone B-4, Curtiss B-2, Boeing Model 80, Fokker F.28 and Short S-23, he will have built every significant aircraft known from 1903 to today in 1/72 scale!

Jim is also member of the prolific Silicon Valley Scale Modelers
club, where can be seen many of his very interesting models. They are generally easy to identify by their originality, displayed on scenes beside little figures. The backdrops at the Glendale Grand Central Terminal and Burbank Airport are from artist Michael Boss.

Many thanks to Jim for his pics and permission to show them here, and to Ken Miller from SVSM, for his great help getting in touch with Jim!

The photo collection is now available in 7 theme galleries:

1/72 EARLY AVIATION updated 16 Jan 2012

DSCN1250.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 WORLD WAR 1 AIRCRAFT updated 18 June 2013

DSCN1192.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 MILTARY AIRCRAFT 1919-1939 updated 16 June 2013

DSCN1568.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 GOLDEN AGE CIVIL AIRCRAFT updated 8 March 2014

FSCN03211.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 WORLD WAR 2 AIRCRAFT updated 30 April 2012

8J.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 POST WW2 MILITARY AIRCRAFT Update 8 March 2014

N4.jpg image by Jim Lund


1/72 POST WW2 CIVIL AIRCRAFT updated 8 March 2014

N3.jpg image by Jim Lund


Jim showing his Dewoitine 338:



Jim and I at Moffet Field:

DSCN2349.jpg picture by Alex Bigey