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ARSENAL VB.10-01 (Replica - 1/72 - Resin) by Gaetan Oddou

ARSENALVB10.jpg picture by alexbigey

The Arsenal VB.10 twin engine fighter project originally designed in 1939 couldn't turn out to reality before 1945. At that time it was the only aircraft which could have been produced in series, but soon by 1946, priority was given to jet fighter development so only 5 examples were actually built.

The Replica resin kit master was made by Jean-Pierre Dujin (Dujin kits) during the nineties. The aircraft represented by Gaetan Oddou is the VB.10-01 first prototype which made its maiden flight on July 5th, 1945.

1013b.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1014f.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1015w.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou

1016h.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1017i.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1018tw.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou

1019i.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1020r.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1021v.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou

1022u.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1023q.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou     1025uo.jpg image by Gaetan Oddou